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Planning Documents


NOTE: The following may require compliance approval. Put this list on your firm’s letterhead and anchor it with your name and the names of your team members if you are on a team. Then gain your firm’s compliance approval before using. DO NOT include my logo or the information in the footer

Planning Documents Needed

  1. Recent investment statements

— 401(k)

— IRAs

— Taxable accounts

  1. A copy of your most recent tax return

— Include Schedule A and C if applicable

  1. Insurance coverages

— Term, Universal, or Whole Life

— Disability

— Employer provided life insurance if applicable

— Long Term Care

  1. Copies of your estate documents

— Will

— Financial Power of Attorney

— Medical Advance Directive

  1. If you have a pension benefit, a recent statement and pension projections
  2. Your most current Social Security statement

If not enrolled, go to and enroll or print out a statement.

  1. Statement of your vested and non-vested stock options if applicable
  2. The estimated value of your home

— A current mortgage statement that shows the terms

— Any ongoing additional principle you are paying on the note. How much? Do you plan to continue doing that?

  1. Other indebtedness you may have

— Car loan(s)

— Credit card

— Student loan(s)

These documents can be mailed, scanned and emailed, or dropped by the branch.

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