Dr. Tim Owings is the preeminent authority for care-centric client engagement in the service-oriented industries of finance, accounting, law, insurance, and human resource management.


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Look Forward and Grow

A new decade has begun and with it, a fresh opportunity to peek at the small rear-view mirror of the 2010’s – just a peek! – while focused on the wide windshield of the 2020’s. Look back for a moment and learn. Look forward and grow. Read More

How Reading Fiction Improves Empathy

A New York Times piece sometime back by writer Susan Pinker summarizes multi-years research on the relationship between reading fiction and how we understand others.  The article, “Novel Findings: Fiction Makes Us Feel for Others,” looks at several studies between 2006 and 2013 that reveal remarkably similar results.  Here are three quotes that have advisors’ names all over them. Read More

Black Ice

Several years ago, a business trip took me to Minnesota in the dead of winter. For a Florida-born, this experience was a paradigm shift of frigid proportions. I rented a car in Minneapolis and drove to a small town halfway between the twin cities and Fargo, ND. With a room reservation in Fargo because of an early flight the next day, I prepared to leave that small town in the dead of night when a wise, older gentleman warned me to watch for what he called “black ice” on the interstate.  Read More

Mr. Rogers and the Advisor

“The older I get,” wrote television legend Fred Rogers, “the more convinced I am that the space between people who are trying their best to understand each other is hallowed ground.” What is this “hallowed ground” between two people who are laboring to understand each other? What does this metaphor say to advisors who, through calls and visits, connect with the people we serve or would like to serve?  Read More

Grief’s Many Faces

The further my life’s journey extends into its seventh decade, the more I seem to recognize the reality of loss within myself and others. Someone older told me some three decades ago there would come a time when I would read the obituary column with as much interest as the front page. That day has come as more of my own generation are writing their final chapters.  Read More

testimonialtitleA clarion call to lead with purpose, Cadence of Care offers a wise and practical guide to deepening and enriching client relationships.
-Robert B. Seaberg, Ph.D. Intersect Consulting, LLC

Tim Owings understands what all the great ones know. People who trust you are far more important than all the product knowledge in the world.
-Don Connelly
Don Connelly Associates
The concepts Tim Owings shares in his book provide a comprehensive blueprint to integrate into practice.
-Marc D. Miller, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business, Henderson State University